Kadie Salmon is a Scottish artist (b. 1986) living in London. Salmon uses a combination of digital/analogue imagery and traditional post-production techniques, to create photographs, moving image and sculpture that examine the nature of storytelling and image making. Salmon's practice is research led and often explores historic or contemporary depictions of romanticism, sexuality and desire found in art, literature and film.


In 2019 Salmon was awarded an Arts Council England (DYCP) grant to produce a new hand coloured moving image work (entitled Hunting Razorbills). Salmon has been selected for London Creative Network with Space Studios (2019-2020) to develop Hunting Razorbills and will be collaborating with international poets and foley artists to create an accompanying audio that will further explore the relationship between storytelling and image making. 


Salmon is represented by London gallery New Art Projects and has exhibited internationally for over a decade–receiving awards, grants and residencies which continue to support her practice. Salmon's moving image Moon Bathing will be exhibited at New Art Projects, London in July 2020. 

Salmon is currently working on a collaborative research project with Canadian poet Klara du Plessis and Research Centre and Contemporary Art Space Artexte, in Montreal, Canada. Their collaborative research–exploring the relationship between text and image will culminate in a joint residency at Artexte in 2020 alongside a series of seminars and curated readings. 

Salmon is a co-founder of art collective Captain Lightfoot (est. 2012). They work with galleries and universities to expand research into the role of narrative in visual art, creative process and curation; organising collaborative projects, exhibitions, workshops, and talks. In their most recent project Memory Palace (2018) they worked with curator Eliska Zakova and the Prague Academy of Performing Arts (supported by the European Cultural Fund and Step Beyond)- collaborating with 4 multidisciplinary practitioners. 



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