Salmon is currently working on her new moving image work Hunting Razorbills supported by Arts Council England and London Creative Network (Space Studios).

Returning to the Scottish Highlands to use locations along the East coast and with reference to the histories and stories belonging to the islands in the Outer Hebrides (specifically St Kilda), Salmon will create a new moving image work that explores historic, folk and personal relationships to place/ landscape, identity/sexuality and love/loss.


Harking back to the dream-like, magical affect reminiscent of early photography and film, Salmon uses the traditional post-production technique of hand colouring analogue film with the contrasting starkness of black and white to create collages of photographic stills, animation and digital footage that appear to flicker and move in wave-like rhythms that fall and rise between reality/fantasy, conscious/sub-conscious and horror/melodrama.

Using herself as sole subject matter in a series of nighttime performances, Salmon uses analogue long exposures to capture intimate scenarios between multiple selfs; presenting female figure(s) in tender, sexualised or threatening relationships or roles: as self, lovers, family members or friends. 

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