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Artist book in collaboration with poet Klara du Plessis

In Spring 2021, Kadie was artist in residence at ARTEXTE research centre in Montreal. Over 6 weeks she worked collaboratively with poet Klara du Plessis on their project 'Narrative of process: activating the artist’s book'- resulting in their artist books 'Incipit', 'Scree' and 'Explicit' and talk 'Sculpture Poem: In Conversation'

Artist publication with New Art Projects

"Fred Mann and New Art Projects are delighted to launch the second of their series of artist publications, conceived as a critical reaction to the restrictions of lockdown. This beautiful book is a monograph of the work of Kadie Salmon, and fully illustrated. We are very grateful to the authors of the supporting essays: Emma Wilson and Maria Walsh."

'Restlessly Idling'-Interview with Anneka French for Photomonitor
"Kadie Salmon is best known for large-scale black and white photographs, hand-tinted to give a dream-like luminosity, sometimes folded into sculptural forms. Salmon’s works feature figures in remote landscapes, and she uses her own body as model, often repeated multiple times.

In response to the Covid-19 lockdown and a postponed solo exhibition, Salmon recently launched a digital publication covering works from 2014-2020 in collaboration with New Art Projects. Anneka French finds out more."